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  When it comes to dispatching,I strive to be the best. The best of the best you can say. This is my profession, my life, so I do the best I can. Usually I don't make mistakes, I can run with the best of them. But today was not my day. My number had finally been called and it was my turn to screw up. (Below call is not the actual location)
911, What is the location of the emergency?
Caller: Have a vehicle rollover North of town  3 1/2 miles, but my address is 82 310th st. (For some reason, my mind thought this accident was in front of 82 310th st. I glance up at the screen and it matches, even see his driveway going to the 310th St.) Caller further stated this a MVA with airbag deployment, back of the vehicle was empty with rear window blown out but the driver side was caved in enough that it was unknown if it was occupied or not. [Deputy responds, Medical & Fire Paged] I disconnect with the caller still having full confidence I got this and know where this accident was at. As responding units are getting up North and Fire advised they searched a (3) miles radius and unable to locate anything. Then 911 rings again.
911, What is the location of your emergency?
Caller: Yes, I called about the accident. I think I told you wrong.  We are at 82 X Ave. The person in the accident is standing right next to me. Has some scratches but is fine. (X Ave & 320th are cross Streets, at this time I look at my map and I scroll down one inch just to see the main driveway entrance go to X ave, not 310th, . We are talking (8) miles from where I thought it was to the true location due to the 100 blocks.) Instantly my head dropped. I radio'd responding units updating the true location. I could hear the disappointment in my deputies voice has he knew he had to fly south. I consider myself a veteran dispatcher, I shouldn't make these mistakes. I should have read the map for a few more seconds then just a quick flicker of the eye. Luckily this kid was okay and he refused medical after walking away with a few citations. Two hours into my 12 hours shift, day ruined.  

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