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Everyone knows that dispatchers do not like change. Despise it, don't want it. Why have it? Just leave things the way they are. However, we all know we need change to keep up with today's events. However, I still am not pleased to get "Texting 911." Not sure when we will get that but I will try to be optimistic ...

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911 Audio – Nightclub Beating

In Jan. 2014 a 23 year-old woman was beaten outside a Santa Ana (S. Calif.) nightclub. Kim Pham was taken off life support several days later and died. Two suspects were arrested. Just after the fight, a woman dialed 911 for help and gave information to the dispatcher.

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911 Audio – Hostage Call

In Feb. 2014 an Arvada (Colo.) took the 13 year-old son of his girlfriend hostage inside the woman’s home. Don Pooley dialed 911 at one point to explain his situation. After 18 hours, a police SWAT team entered the home and rescued the boy, and fatally shot Poole.

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